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Whoa! Lots happening in your life! I didn't know you were a freelance consultant? What field do you consult in?

And a day job - congrats!

I need to favourite your shop if I haven't already.

Take care!

(And yes, I seem to enjoy using exclamation marks.)


yes, congrats on the day job! Doesn't it suck how they drain your time? I really want to take same days off and spend them at home, making stuff.

Hey, have you ever heard Neko Case singing "In California"? It's a song about being Canadian in California and being homesick for Canada. It's sad & stuff, but still given your situation I think you'd like it.

And finally, I envy your warm weather, but not the bad public transportation.


Jobs is always gettin in the way :)

Good job taking the bus. My route to work was much less convenient, an hour and a half to work and the last connection only runs every hour until 6 pm! If I was 5 minutes late in the morning, I was an hour late for work and I couldn't even make it up in the evenings or I would have to spend the night.

So I bought a car yesterday :) Don't sweat the locals on the bus, they are mostly harmless and interested. I mean what else do they have to look at on the bus besides each other?


Your hats are so cute - and I just love the title of your blog! :P
Yes, those day jobs do get in the way, however I am still almost as productive with my knitting and spinning as before (when I was part time), it's just that I don't really make time for any proper time off any more, but I like that, haha.

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